Get straight teeth in weeks with Inman aligner from Wirral dentist

For patients who suffer from crooked teeth, the options in the past have been to wear ugly and uncomfortable metal braces, or more recently invisible braces which, while discreet, take a very long time to achieve the desired effect. There is now a new alternative called the Inman aligner. Many dentists currently prefer the Inman aligner even though it is not completely clear. There is a thin metal bar visible bar across the front of the teeth, but because the Inman aligner works so quickly this is rarely a problem for most patients.

The aligner works by using a coiled spring on the tongue side of the aligner that squeezes teeth and pushes them into position. It does this by forcing the teeth at the sides backwards to allow space for the front teeth to be pushed into. Treatments are incredibly fast, lasting usually between six and sixteen weeks, which is significantly less than conventional and invisible braces.

The aligner may take some getting used to when initially used but no more than other braces which exert pressure and will last little more than a week. Other than that the process will be completely painless. The aligner is also removable so can be taken out to eat.

It must be pointed out that the Inman aligner is best suited to minor alignment issues and is not ideal for problems involving severe overcrowding. However, if you are looking to just straighten a few teeth at the front to give you a healthy and confident smile then the rapid results provided by the aligner are perfect. A dentist in the Wirral will be able to assess whether you are suitable for an Inman aligner and you could have the perfectly straight teeth you’ve always wanted in less than three months.

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